Monday, January 25, 2016

Duel Decks for Kids - Elves vs. Goblins

If you're like me and have little planeswalkers of your own, you know eventually you'll want to spread the love of magic to them. After having already played a bit of the free intro 30 card decks that most LGS's hand out with my little ones they've begun to get bored of those. While the 30 card decks have been a great introduction to the basics of Magic, I wanted to create a little something more to fuel their excitement a bit more. Thus I have been developing my own set of Duel Decks for them, beginning with Elves vs.Goblins.

As you can tell from the decklists, they are fairly simple decks. My youngest planeswalker is currently 6 and while she understands the main basics of the game, such as. Untap, upkeep, and draw and play a land per turn and attack she still has yet to learn the importance of the finer details in Magic. These include; sorceries, instants, life, and knowing when to attack and block.

I spent about a week on the decklists in hopes of trying to make them as balanced as possible. Many variations and builds later what you see above is the final product. I playtested the two a lot and for awhile Goblins were far stronger than Elves and then the tables turned towards Elves being too strong but the lists above have shown it's somewhat 50/50, but in the eyes of a 6 year old it's all about learning.

I hope to slowly teach my little planeswalker the difference in the colors of Magic as she progresses but for the time being playing these decks with her has been a wonderful tool in expanding her vocabulary as well as helping her basic math skills. We try to play a game or two every night and she has beaten me once legitimately (I mean, all her wins are legitimate right?) with Elves, I got severely land flooded that game, my shuffle skills need work.

Our next duel deck won't be for a little while as we're still enjoying this one but we're sticking with mono colors for now. The next one might be Vampires vs. Humans perhaps? We shall see! Be sure to leave a comment below and tell me what you think! Thanks for reading!

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