Monday, January 25, 2016

My Dive into Modern

Like many others who dive into constructed formats, they first get introduced into Standard. Somewhere along the way you get to discover other formats that are just as fun, such as EDH, legacy and then there is Modern. My dive into Modern has been an exciting one so far, with my play being limited to freebie programs such as Cockatrice, it took me awhile to decide what deck I first wanted to build. Elves was it, and Elves is what I will be sticking with for awhile.

It took me almost a year to fully form my Elf deck, as some of the pieces were a bit costly and while in the grand scheme of things the deck is fairly cheap, having a wife and kids, sometimes you can't just splurge on an entire deck at once. So with my deck being fully formed as you can see the list below, I decided to take it to my first little local tournament. This tournament was mainly as some practice and to get some paper modern experience in preparation for a Modern IQ that's happening this Saturday 1/9. 

The turnout was fairly small as my LGS is still new to hosting Modern as they have been mainly a Standard and EDH shop but there has been interest shown in Modern. I was the only Elf deck there and while some of the top tier decks were showing up I was hoping to do decent still.

Round 1 Elves vs. Grixis Twin

Come to find out, Elves is not a good matchup against Grixis Twin. At least in my experience so far against the deck. Luckily Cavern of Souls was allowing me to get my Elves out but my opponent had many a Lightning Bolt and Repeal. Game 1 consisted of him killing my elves constantly and then he got the Twin combo out.

Game 2 was a rather grindy game as we both got mana flooded but he managed to win in the end as none of my sideboard cards came to fruition. I sideboarded in Fracturing Gust, Kataki's War Wage, and Beast Within but no luck. So I went 0-2 during that round.

Round 2 Elves vs. U-Tron

Admittedly I was a little excited to play against Tron as it has been one of my favorite decks to watch at tournaments. So when I saw the first Tron piece go down in Game 1 I got a tinge of excitement. The game was over rather quick as I was able to dump out my hand pretty early. Turn 1 was a Forest + Heritage Druid and then Dwynen's Elite on Turn 2 and then an Elvish Archdruid as well. My opponent was just overwhelmed and had to go to game 2.

For Game 2 I sideboarded in Choke which turned out to be extremely effective against U-Tron as well as Fracturing Gust and Kataki's War Wage. I had a very slow opening hand even after mulling down to 5. My opponent assembled Tron and had a Mindslaver combo and was able to kill me from there.

Game 3 ended much in the same way as Game 1 so this was my first true paper modern victory and I was excited. I couldn't wait to see what I would be playing against next as there was some Affinity, Burn, and Zoo decks out there as well.

Round 3 Elves vs. Rakdos Deathtouch

So this being the last round I wasn't expecting to go up against such a homebrew. The homebrew was interesting as it played a lot of little deathtouch creatures to help stave off against aggro and then he would drop a Mogis and Palace Siege to drain my life. Had to say it was interesting but a bit too slow against Elves.

Game 1 was over pretty fast with Heritage Druid and Ezuri coming out quickly and Game 2 was very similar to my second game against U-Tron where I had to mull to 5 and kept drawing land. Game 3 was the same as Game 1.


So overall I went 2-1 for the night and was pretty happy with how it turned out. I still have a lot to learn about Modern and the only way to learn is to keep playing and learning from my mistakes. As I mentioned before this Saturday 1/9 there is a Modern IQ by me and I will attend in hopes of getting more experience.

It's a strange new world for me in Magic and I can only be excited to dive deeper. Thanks for reading!

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