Monday, January 25, 2016

Standard - Boros Aggro

In the current standard, 3 colors and even 4 colors have been reigning supreme and rightly so. Fetches allow the mana fixing you need and the new dual lands definitely help out with that allowing you to splash that much needed third or fourth color. Today we're here to discuss a new deck tech I've been messing around with which I have named Boros Beatdown.

Aggro decks in this current standard so far have been dominated mainly by Atarka Red and Gruul Landfall. They are very fast and explosive but can lose steam quickly if the game is prolonged. Spot removal and life gain slows down the aggro game tremendously. I've always been a fan of token decks so this list takes some of the best cards in Atarka Red with some common token cards.

Monastery Swiftspear is a must in any aggro deck right now with it applying pressure to your opponent on turn 1. In my experience so far with the deck Hangarback Walker has been more of a defensive creature to help stave off aggro decks with their explosive energy. Seeker of the Way helps out as well with the prowess trigger to help not lose so much life quickly against the aggro matchup. 

So what are some things this deck can do? For one, it does have the possibility to beat down quickly in a non mirror aggro matchup. If and when board wipes occur you can quickly get a board presence again. I do notice the deck tends to fall apart against decks that play the bigger creatures or flyers. I've experimented adding in Temur Battle Rage and Titan's Strength but all that did was turn this deck into another Atarka Red splashing white. I felt that going wide and swinging and having an Atarka's Command in hand can definitely shift things in your favor.

The sideboard is where this deck can change from a beatdown deck to a more midrange style with lots of spot removal. Silkwrap and Suspension Field are both great for exiling both small and big creatures respectively. Rending Volley and Radiant Purge to get rid of some of the bigger pesky creatures. I'm still on the fence between Radiant Purge and Valorous Stance

Is this a tier 1 deck? Definitely not. It is a pretty fun deck to take to an FNM and play. You could also make it a budget deck as well, I would just get rid of the Fetchlands, the Commands and add in Titan's Strength and more basic lands along with some Evolving Wilds. The creatures are cheap enough to get except for Hangarback which could be replaced with Zurgo or Lightning Beserker. Let me hear your thoughts on how you would improve it, the decklist is below and as we all know, no decklist is ever truly complete.

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