Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Weekly Modern Update - February 16th 2016

Hello everyone and welcome to another Weekly Modern Update! I did not participate in my LGS' weekly Monday Night Modern last week so that is the reason for no article but this week I did! So let's get down to business and discuss how I did.

Before we get into the meat of the article let's discuss any changes to my Elf deck. As you can see below I took out the 2 Essence Wardens and put back in the 2 Elvish Visionary's. After trying out the Essence Wardens it came to be that they did not help as much as I wanted them too. I did however keep the Nykthos. Nykthos was very good to me and I'm thinking about putting in 1 more. I think any more than 2 would not be good for my deck.

Round 1 Elves vs. Abzan Company

So I came up against this deck again. Now having been a little bit more familiar with it I was ready to face it. I thought I had a pretty decent opening hand. 2 lands, 2 mana dorks, a heritage druid, a chord and an archdruid. Unfortunately my hand was not fast enough. By Turn 3 the game was over. My opponent managed to get out his sac engine and gain endless life with Kitchen Finks.

Game 2 was a bit more favorable for me, I managed to win by Turn 4 with Ezuri, Archdruid and some Nettle's out on the field. Very fast game.

Game 3 is where things went down. I kept a not so great hand but I sideboarded in Reclamation Sage, 2 Beasts Within and Aven Mindcensor. My opening hand contained 2 Beast Withins. It eventually came down to a topdeck game and my opponent managed to have the better topdeck in the end. I was just needing a Chord, Archdruid or Ezuri and I could've won but didn't.

Results: 2-1 LOST

Round 2 Elves vs. Bogles

Last time I faced Bogles in paper magic was at an IQ and I lost horribly. I was not looking forward to facing it again and knew ahead of time this would be an uphill battle for a deck like mine. See, in case you don't know, Bogles can win with just one creature and that creature will have hexproof and a ton of enchantments to make it unblockable, so it kills very quickly.

Game 1 started and I had an awesome opening hand of Nykthos, Gilt-Leaf Palace, 2 mana dorks, Heritage Druid, and Archdruid. I managed to draw into Ezuri Turn 2 and by Turn 3 I pumped up my army and swung and my opponent conceded.

Game 2 was very much the same as Game 1. By Turn 4 it was all over and I beat Bogles for the first time. I feel like I won just on pure luck as anytime I've tested and faced Bogles it always felt very lopsided.

Results: 2-0 WON

Round 3 Elves vs. Mono Black Control

This is the first time I've ever gone up against Mono Black Control which I heard the name of the deck was "The Rack" or "8 Rack"? Not sure on the nomenclature exactly but I was curious. I had no idea what to expect from this deck but it killed me, quickly. Both Game 1 and 2 ended quickly with him discarding my hand and playing The Rack and Shrieking Affliction very quickly. I had no outs or ways to destroy those or if I did destroy them my opponent got them out again.

Results: 0-2 LOST

Final Results: 2-2

That was the end of the night for me. The next round I got a bye so I did get to leave early which was nice. What did I learn that night? I feel like I'm understanding better what hands to keep and what hands to mull. My sideboard still needs some work but I'm not interested in investing into the deck right now as I'm so close to being done with Grixis Delver. I've been wanting to get a Pithing Needle and a Spellskite in the Elf deck but for now what I have will have to suffice.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more updates!

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