Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Weekly Modern Update - February 24th, 2016

Hey everyone, here with another Modern update! This week I went away from Elves and finally took out my Grixis Delver deck. While the deck isn't the best positioned in the metagame this has been a deck I've been wanting to personally play for a long time. I'm still missing a 4th Snapcaster Mage but I think I can get away with 3 for the time being until I get the 4th.

I'll post the list below but what I found out right away with this deck is it requires a lot of thinking and different lines of play and really having to think and be ahead of the opponent. I did pretty abysmal this past Monday night Modern but I was excited to play this deck and will begin to practice with it more and more.

Round 1: Grixis Delver vs. Affinity

Ahh, good ol' Affinity. Sad to say I lost both games but I did give my opponent a run for his money. I had to make him really work for his wins as I consistently countered his spells or killed his creatures. My sideboard included Thoughtseize and some more kill and counter spells. As you can see in my sideboard I don't have any Fulminator Mages which would've helped me greatly. I lost, but I also won by learning my deck a bit more.

Results: 0-2 LOST

Round 2: Grixis Delver vs. GR Tron

I sort of underestimated this match up when I went into it. As soon as I saw the first Urza land pop down I thought, ok I'll just counter his stuff to win! Yea, that doesn't work out so well when you can't counter anything because your deck decides not to give it to you. With no land destruction in sideboard or Blood Moon I felt like I couldn't do much but stall the inevitable.

Results: 0-2 LOST

Round 3: Grixis Delver vs. Helix Pinnacle Combo

This was a deck I have never heard of nor ever been up against. Helix Pinnacle will win you the game if you have 100 or more counters on it. Game 1 I did all 3 of my Gitaxian Probes to understand his deck and tried to beat him down. I lost Game 1 but Game 2 and 3 I played the more counter package. I countered almost all of his spells and slowly won both Games by consistently disrupting his combo.

Results: 2-1 WON

Round 4: Grixis Delver vs. Affinity

Affinity again? This time I was a bit more prepared and by Round 4 I understood my deck a lot better than I did in Round 1. The problem? It was getting late and if you know me I cannot play Magic well, if at all, late at night. I make horrible stupid plays. Such as in Game 2 when my opponent plays an Arcbound Ravager and I have a spell snare in hand and I choose not to counter it because I am just that good at Magic. Game 1 I won by killing and disrupting her hand but Games 2 and 3 I WANT to attribute to me playing poorly cause I was tired. I'm not sure though so.

Results: 1-2 LOST

Final Results: 1-3

So I did pretty bad and I was expecting that and not unhappy with the results. I have a lot more learning to do with this deck and I need to upgrade the sideboard a bit as well. I was thinking Engineered Explosives perhaps? My local meta is a pretty common Modern Meta so far, not really any Eldrazi are dominating it (yet). So we shall see how next Monday goes! Thanks for reading!

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