Sunday, February 7, 2016

Weekly Standard Update - Feburary 7th 2016

Hey everyone and hope you have had a great weekend. Today we're going to start our Weekly Standard Update alongside our Weekly Modern Update were we discuss how I did at this past FNM or higher level tournament and what's happening in Standard!

So this past Friday I decided to bring my Mono Green Eldrazi Ramp deck again. Last time I brought it I went 4-0 and was looking to dominate again. I did make some changes to my sideboard before I left for the tournament. I added in 2x Pulse of Murasa, 2x Warping Wail, and 1x Natural State. Pulse of Murasa was a natural add in for me mainly because if Den Protector got a lot of hate I had a chance to return a land or creature and gain 6 life. Win-win right there. Warping Wail was mainly sided in against potential 4 color rally and aggro decks. Natural State was for enchantment hate.

The Decklist is posted below so you can see for yourself:

So how did I do and what did I go up against? Let's discuss!

Round 1: Eldrazi Ramp vs. Abzan Aggro

Ahh, it's been well over a year and a half and Abzan is still the bane of my existence. How excited will I be when Siege Rhino goes away? I think I may hold a big celebration when it's rotated out. At one point in Standard I did play Abzan for a few weeks because if you can't beat them, might as well join them.

So Game 1, I had the perfect opening hand that all Ramp wants. 2 lands, 1 Rattleclaw mystic, 1 Nissa's Pilgrimage, 1 Explosive Vegetation, 1 Ugin, and 1 Dragonlord Atarka. By the time turn 5 came, Atarka was out and wiping my opponent's board and he quickly scooped after that when not having any answers.

Game 2 on the other hand had a very similar opening hand but my opponent sided in Utter End's and Suspension Fields. He managed to exile two Ulamog's but when the third came out he scooped. He couldn't handle that many Ulamog's.

Round 1 Results: 2-0 WON

Round 2: Eldrazi Ramp vs. Atarka Landfall

One of my favorite standard decks out there right now. So when I saw his turn 1 Monastery Swiftspear I knew I was in for a ride. My opponent didn't have the typical landfall aggro, he also had Thunderbreak Regent's as well. Game 1 ended quickly though with me being able to get Atarka out early and soon after Ulamog.

Game 2 however was in his favor. I managed to wipe the board with Ugin but he killed Ugin the next turn and managed to beat me down as I got really land flooded.

Game 3 was much of the same as Game 1. Atarka out early and then Ulamog soon after and a scoop.

Round 2 Results: 2-1 WON

Round 3: Eldrazi Ramp vs. Black/White Tokens

Brutal Hordechief can be a real threat. I underestimated this deck at first glance but with it's ability to go wide and even after a board wipe how quickly it can build back up was too much for my deck to handle. Game 1 ended after a very back and forth battle with Ugin and Ulamog coming out but both getting exiled shortly after coming out.

Game 2 was the same as Game 1. It came down to a 1 life difference and it was over. A very fun game overall but in the end the Eldrazi Ramp deck crumbled to little tokens.

Round 3 Results: 0-2 LOST

Round 4: Eldrazi Ramp vs. Abzan Aggro

We meet again Abzan. Last time we fought I destroyed you, you wish to come again and face the might of the Eldrazi and the power of Ugin? Hmph, I laugh at thee. This round once again tested the mettle of the Eldrazi against the all powerful Abzan army of Warden of the First Tree, Anafenza, and Siege Rhino. They ended up being no match against this deck though. Once Ugin laid claim to the land and wiped their existence off the map it gave me time to summon Ulamog to my aid and destroy my opponent.

Round 2 began and he assembled his army as quickly as he could. The great Dragonlord Atarka was summoned and destroyed Anafenza but kept Warden alive. My opponent summoned two Siege Rhino's but they ended up dying quickly from the might of Ugin and Ulamog. My opponent raised his white flag in defeat and shame. This planeswalker held his head up high as he crushed the skulls of Siege Rhinos.

Round 4 Results: 2-0 WON

Final Results: 3-1 3rd Place!

So the night ended pretty decently. Made some prize money and won a promo. I'm still very pleased with the results of how well Mono Green Eldrazi Ramp is in the current meta. I also like how not many pieces will Rotate out come April. I still have yet to test the might of the almighty 4 Color Rally at FNM. Time will tell though. If Dark Jeskai can fall, I'm sure 4 Color Rally can fall just as well.

What will I run next Friday? If I'm feeling different, I may try UR Prowess just for kicks but if I'm in a winning mood, Eldrazi ramp it is!

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