Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Weekly Modern Update - March 29th, 2016

Modern Monday has passed us by and here we are again with another update to how I did. I brought my Grixis Delver deck again which is listed below and I must say I thoroughly enjoy this deck and how much fun it brings. While it is not in the top tier of decks I love the many ins and outs you have. Snapcaster Mage must be my favorite card in the entire deck. Enough about the gushing of Snappy let's get to it!


Round 1: Grixis Delver vs. Slivers

So I've gone up against Slivers before in the past as Delver and have been able to win. This time though it was the opposite. I lost 0-2 and I did have answers to disrupt my opponent and kill their Slivers and counter but it wasn't enough. Both games being able to flood the board I was not able to do anything. At least it was over quickly!

Results: 0-2 LOST

Round 2: Grixis Delver vs. Esper Control

This was sure to be a long grueling round. Many counter battles were had, many kill spells played but in the end Grixis Delver got the upper hand. Thank you Delver of Secrets! You did your job! Nothing too special happened during the games but they were grueling.

Results: 2-0 WON

Round 3: Grixis Delver vs. Jund

This was probably my favorite round of the night. In all 3 games it was very close and we both constantly kept going back and forth. Just when my opponent thought he could kill me I would snap in a response. It was rounds like these that make me fall in love with Grixis Delver. I know I could easily go Grixis Control as well but I love my little Delver guy. The fact that I sacrifice so much life to try and get the upper edge and being able to come back when I'm at 2-3 life is so much fun. You're on the edge of your seat thinking your opponent has a kill spell ready but you manage to claw and fight your way back to victory. I lost this round though but not without giving my opponent a struggle.

Results: 1-2 LOST

Round 4: Grixis Delver vs. Burn

Normally I would write down what happened during the game but these were very much non games that I don't feel like getting into. I will say I ended up winning 2-0 but not the most gracefully.

Results: 2-0 WON

Overall: 2-2

So I'm still stuck in the 2-2 slump with Grixis overall. I need to make some additions to the deck such as Fulminator Mage, Spellskite and Blood Moon and I will get those eventually. I'm starting to become more familiar with the deck each time I play and what hands to keep and seeing the different lines of play. I need to keep going to these Monday Night Moderns in order to get better at the format so when I go to the next IQ or PPTQ that's Modern I can be better prepared.

Thanks for reading! I'm hoping to finish my Goblins deck soon and then my Ensoul Artifact pet project. My big deterrent is time right now. The older you get the more responsibilities you have! Till next time!

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