Monday, March 21, 2016

Weekly Standard Update - March 21st, 2016

Another week has passed us and another FNM has gone by. With a few weeks left of this current standard before rotation happens it appears my current LGS's FNM has become considerably smaller. Whether it is due to the end of standard coming soon or lack of interest I'm not sure. Hopefully we get more people coming as Shadows over Innistrad comes out.

So I decided to bring Jeskai Dragons with me this week again. This time I stayed for all 4 rounds where last week I did not as I was completely exhausted and could barely stay awake. Life has started taking a toll on me much more than it has been. Below is my deck list I am currently running:

Rather than going by a match by match analysis as I usually do I figure I'd rather discuss what possible implications Shadows over Innistrad might have on standard. While I don't usually like guessing what may or may not come from the new set it is worth looking at but before we begin here is how I did:

Round 1: Jeskai Dragons vs. UR Prowess 2-0 WIN

Round 2: Jeskai Dragons vs. Atarka Red 0-2 LOST

Round 3: Jeskai Dragons vs. Atarka Landfall 2-0 WIN

Round 4: Jeskai Dragons vs. Eldrazi Aggro 2-0 WIN

So overall I got 3rd place since 1st and 2nd split. Instead of prize money I took 2 prize packs instead and managed to pull a Kozilek's Return and Chandra, Flamecaller. So definitely worth it.

Now back to Shadows over Innistrad. The rare lands were just spoiled today as you can see below:

These lands tell me that it may be possible for 3 colors to still exist albeit possibly the shard colors instead of the wedge colors. It's still really early to tell but these new rarelands will definitely make Dual colored decks much easier to handle.

So what may we see come this new standard? I definitely think an all zombie's deck is possible with Relentless Dead and Khalita's floating around. Possibly a B/R Vampire deck as well could be a good beatdown deck. I can also see a landfall type deck still existing but going from an aggro shell to a midrange shell adding in Mina and the new Arlin Kord Planeswalker.

Personally the deck I'm excited about the most to try and build is a new Sphinx's Tutelage deck. With cards coming to the forefront such as Thing in the Ice and the new Jace along with Startled Awake. I'm excited to try and build this and mill out my opponent. Mill has always been one of my favorite mechanics in the game and one of my favorite ways to win. Of course I don't expect this to be competitive but there is that hope.

So what other sort of decks are you hoping to see in the new Standard? Comment below and let me know!

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