Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Weekly Modern Update - March 8th, 2016

Another week has gone by and another Modern Monday has passed at my LGS. I once again brought my Grixis Delver deck and I was very surprised at how many people showed up to the event. We had over 20 people! It's appearing like Modern is becoming more popular than Standard right now at my LGS! I'm happy about that but at the same time I don't want Standard to disappear entirely. I hope with the upcoming rotation it will bring people back to the Standard foray and have more people play in FNM.

So how did I do this week? I unfortunately had to leave early due to it getting late and I was honestly just exhausted but I feel like I am understanding the Grixis Delver deck a bit better. I'm getting excited to play it more since the deck can feel so diverse and very reactive. I didn't make any changes to my list as I haven't had the time to devote to MTG lately. So here is the deck list again below:


Round 1: Grixis Delver vs. Burn

When I first saw the deck was burn I thought my opponent had it in the bag. Delver is not fast enough to deal with all that damage and plus with all the fetches and shocks I have, I run into the problem of helping my opponent reduce my life even further. Game 1 was a clutch win as I was able to keep plenty of counters in hand and slowly reduce his life with a single snapcaster mage.

Game 2 went rather fast as my opponent just had a really good hand while I didn't have enough disruption or counters. Even after thought scouring myself 2 times I couldn't find what I needed. Game 3 was another clutch win because at the end he got me down to 1 life and he was at 9. I had a Gurumag Angler, snapcaster mage and a 1/1 elemental token so I dealt 8 damage and managed to kill him with a Forked Bolt in hand that I had been keeping since the start of the game.

Results: 2-1 WIN

Round 2: Grixis Delver vs. Slivers

Ahh, good ol' Slivers. Slivers can be a scary deck for me as it can go wide and fast. Game 1 was over quickly as he flooded the board and I couldn't do much to stop since he had a Cavern of Souls out and I had no way to stop it.

I sided out some counters and put in an Izzet Staticaster as well as Anger of the Gods, a Terminate and Rakdos Charm (I still plan on taking this card out eventually). Game 2 went better as I was able to consistently wipe his board and get Izzet out and kill everything he had coming out and wittle him down. Game 3 went much the same as Game 2.

Results: 2-1 WIN

I wish I had more to talk about and more games to talk about but alas I had to leave early even on a winning streak. I'm planning on still building an Ensoul Artifact deck along with budget Goblins. I'll write up some deck techs soon hopefully (Just need to find the time!). Thanks for reading!

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